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Thank you to all of our Lehner Woods homeowners who were able to attend last year's Annual Homeowners (COA) Meeting.  The Board appreciated all of your comments and the opportunity to address your concerns.  Hopefully you were better able to understand the how's and why's of our COA.


Our next Board meeting will be taking place in April 11, 2023. Our aim is to better strengthen our communication efforts and to get a chance to better know our residents. We would encourage you to attend our next meeting (details to follow) and to bring with you any and all questions/concerns you may have. You might also want to consider running for any Board seat(s) that may become available. Working as a Board member gives insight into the inner workings of the COA as well as to better understand the challenges we face.  You could become a part of a team that is instrumental in COA decision-making.

Our 2022-2023 Board members are: Roger Toney, Ken Fink, Diane Blasko, David Keightley, Myra Eggleston and Vy Allen.



Fall is upon us and is a good time to review our Rules and Regulations to better prepare for the months to come. As you read through these, something to keep in mind is that no modifications or changes to anything on the exterior of your house, garage, yard, etc. can be made without Board approval. This approval needs to be submitted in writing using our External Modification Form. This form is located on this web site under the Forms tab. In an effort to maintain our current aesthetic appearance, anyone who elects to make any modification (large or small) without requesting approval could be subject to fine/replacing/removing any unapproved modification if it falls outside our Rules and Regulation Guidelines. We really don't want to do this so please take some time to familiarize yourself with them; they are in place to help you. For your convenience, they are here on this site under the Helpful Rules & Regulations tab.


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