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On January 10th, a Hancock Street neighbor said his Ring doorbell showed a man at 4:19 am walking with a flashlight looking into cars.  This is not the first time that something like this has happened.  If you must park your car on one of our streets, please make sure they are locked and that there are no items left in plain view for anyone to notice which could trigger a break-in of your vehicle.


Our Board is attempting to find ways in which we can strengthen our outreach into our entire neighborhood.  One of our approaches to this is that we have built a suggestion box, located next to our mailboxes, for our residents to ask any and all questions about living here at Lehner Woods.  These questions can be done anonymously if that is your preference but please take advantage of this valuable communications tool.


This Board, unfortunately, had to look at rising costs of our vendors which necessitated the need to raise our monthly COA homeowners fee $5.00 a month to $115 monthly effective January 1, 2023.  Our fees have not been raised since 2016.  Although we understand that most homeowners are on a tight budget, it was a necessary evil that needed to be done.


We are now approving the removal of some trees at homeowner sites.  This removal, if deemed necessary, will need to be approved by the Board as well as getting approval by the Board for the type of replacement tree that can be planted.  Any tree removed must be replaced by another Board-approved tree.  Replacement trees must be done within 60 days of removal of any existing tree and done at homeowners' expense.


All pets must be on a leash when out of doors.  This is not only an Ohio State Law but also in our bylaws.  Not only are they to be on leashes only (not tied up in any situation) but must also be under the direct supervision of the owner.  


As a reminder, all trash cans are to be kept inside the garages, not at, or near. them.  They may be brought out on Tuesdeay afternoons for Wednesday pickup but then must be returned to the garage on Wednesday.

As a reminder, trash cans and recycle bins are permitted to be placed outside the garage on Tuesday evenings for pick up on Wednesday mornings.



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